I remember…

Memories… Fond and hateful..

Everyone has it, good or bad. We always say – I remember when..
Is it not fantastic, you can rewind your whole life with a few memories in combination of good and bad? And what is funny here is – all it takes is a sense of smell, touch, or even photographs, music, the sound..

I remember a lot of good and bad.. from my life or even from my dreams.. Don’t you always think of snippets of your dreams every now and then? And are they not amazing? So, this post is all about memories..

I remember…

..when I first saw the rainbow..

..the first time I topped the class…

..the first time I got drenched in the rain.. my parents got me the first ever bike.. I cried when my parents left me at college.. I flunked an exam for the first time.. scared I was to meet with the first Irish Setter dog I knew in my life.. I stammered talking the first lines in Hindi after ages to my best friend..

..those moments when I got married and left my home to Shankar’s..

..the first kiss..

..the first realistic painting I worked on..

..those moments when I got stuck in traffic and was running late for my exams..

..the moment I got married.. first dance..

..the day when I first wore a saree..

..the walk through the slums beside my college campus..

..the smell of the local markets at Goa.. I felt dumbstruck at the most beautiful sunset ever..

..the first time I hosted an event..

..the first time I tasted success at event organization..

..the first time I had to learn corporate culture the hard way..

..the first office desk..

..the moment when I realized love..

..when I knew I can really paint..

..the first meal I cooked..

..the first time my dad mom tasted food I cooked.. my brother visited me every weekend..

..the first time I hiked..

..the first freezing temperature experience..

..the first international travel experience..

..the first interview..

..the first presentation.. first code snippet..

..when I chose the id for my first email account..

..the first time I got an award for work..

..the first time I shopped all alone in the city.. I first drove to office on the city roads amidst all traffic..

..when I first listened to music as I drove the two-wheeler..

..the first snow experience.. ….


Endless!!!! For everyone… Isn’t that amazing.. ??

So, what are your amazing memories????



2 thoughts on “I remember…

    1. I just watched it last week.. Actually half way through the movie, I decided to write this post.. And stopped watching the movie to write this post..! 🙂

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