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Happy present and a memorable past…

Last week, we were out shopping the whole Saturday, that we lost track of time. We had planned to visit one of our friend’s new home, and you always know what shopping does to people! 😉

While I was exhausted shopping, Shankar and I decided to visit Best Buy. For some reason, we always step into BestBuy only at 8:50 pm knowing quite well that the store closes at 9:00 pm. And this time, I was in for a surprise. Shankar took me to the Apple section, and started enquiring the price of the Macbook Pro with Retina Display. I was not surprised then because we do it every time we go there. And this time, he just went ahead and swiped his card. A whole day of shopping and I get my favorite Macbook as the grand finale. Wow! What a day!

I have been busy right from the day I got the Mac. Applications are flying and I have been calling God knows how many people, everyday. Nice to have a Mac to accompany you through a stressful day. Thanks to Shankie!

To add to all the fun, it is BITSians’ Day today. August 2, 2013!

I just thought it is going to just one other day, until I saw my Facebook flooded with posts from BITSians all over the world. Overwhelming! Looking back, those were the most independent and fun-filled days of my life. Whatever I am today, I owe it to BITS. Its true, its magic! As a BITSian put it, it brings out the GPA that is in you.

I never knew that I would someday be an independent and a strong woman, when I stepped foot in BITS. BITS has nurtured me and taught me to be strong to face and succeed in any situation in life. BITS taught me what life is. I can never forget those four years of my life, let alone the ID number.

2004P8PS219 – The one alphanumeric that I will never forget. Here is to BITS, my Alma mater, an aquatone sketch of my Goa campus, where I spent four memorable BITSian years.

BITS Goa in Watercolor
BITS Goa in Watercolor

And of course! This post is from my new Macbook Pro. 🙂


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