Let it flow..

Experimenting with colors and patterns is fun for any artist. I treated myself to a vibrant set of acrylic paints soon after my semester ended. Colors give you the needed break and relaxation from the overly packed semester. I also call it my gift to me for winning the BEMOSS project Phase 2.


The color of the sky, the image of which brings sunshine, peace and tranquility to the soul. Lie down on your back and look at the bright blue sky. Doesn’t it calm your nerves, reducing stress, and enhances self-expression.

Here is what the color blue did to me.



The dark outer shades represent the need for relaxation, and as I moved my paint brush toward the center, I was relieved to see some brightness. The need for some fun is portrayed in the form of gray tint for leaves. The subtle reflection gave me the much needed calm.

I hung this 24”x36”painting in my living room such that I can view it sitting on my couch. How I wishedAcry I lived away from the busy streets in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood!


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