Trips and tales..

This was a draft I found in my dashboard that I never posted – don’t know why! Reading through something you wrote a few months ago, and seeing how much life has changed makes you realize the vulnerability of time. The memories of the trip mentioned below is still fresh in my memory and of course the difficulty of having to do work when you are all jet lagged, but I learnt so much in the last few months.

Anyway, I didn’t want to ignore this post that I never posted on time. So here it is! And I am posting pictures of a few goodies I got from India and also our sweet pup at my mom’s!

Tom ( the sandal is his favorite toy! )
Ganeshji wall hanging
Ganeshji wall hanging

January 31, 2014

This is an account of the first trip from US to India and back to the US. So, it is my first trip back to India after a year in the US. I packed my bags and I am all excited to go. The journey is terrible, no doubt when it takes away 17 hours of your life just sitting in an uncomfortable chair. And what better to add to your misery than a faulty flight that takes two hours to restore its normalcy and start its flight. I was stranded at the Dulles Airport inside the airplane with Shankar and several other fellow travelers feeling sorry to have even boarded the plane. And we had a connecting flight at Frankfurt with just three hours of stop over. And somehow we managed to board the connecting flight from Frankfurt to Chennai.

And in Chennai, within a short time span of about three weeks, I managed to get my student visa. And back we flew after a tiring vacation back in India. While India just got hot, hotter and hottest during our vacation there (we call it ‘winter’ when the temperature is around 15 to 20 degree Celsius), we landed back in Dulles at a -11 F temperature. And there was our cab driver, an Indian(oh! I felt blessed to see an Indian take us home from the airport), who took us home. He was bothered about people smoking all the way on the roads, more than anyone I ever knew.

And yes, there we were at our home sweet home. Jet lagged again! Oh, what life!!!

I started work as a GRA a day after arrival and lose my mind around 2 PM when it is night time in India. It is so far doing no good, but I am hoping I will feel good by the end of this week. What drains me of all energy most is my inability to do justice to my watercolor brush. I still have an unfinished oil painting left on the easel, and watercolors drying up and waiting to be used. I just got a few Strathmore Tiles, which I feel is an awesome concept. I always needed a small watercolor pad to carry with me, along with my travel color palette, to do some quick watercolor sketches on the go. I have not done one single sketch on winter, and that feels disappointing.

And TGIF! I have a whole lot to do pending at home.


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