A Weekend at Cacapon State Park, WVa

We were about 1.5 miles uphill. The hike was brisk since we decided to do it first thing in the morning; some of us called home and finished the daily conversation routines. I just turned on the MapMyWalk workout routine. All was well, and we felt eager to reach the top to see the other side of the mountain until we met a Mr. Snake on our way uphill and it was the most thrilling moment of the trip. I just walked past the snake and Shankar was behind me. The rest of them already went past the snake without noticing it. The snake was waiting to cross the path, but looked scared to cross it with all the human intervention in its path.

Front of our cabin
Front of our cabin

Shankar said, there is a snake and I was right in front of the snake. I just rushed forward not wasting a second. Shankar still had not crossed the snake and he had to wait on the other side. The snake, scared as it was, crawled slowly across the path, and carefully climbed the log and made it through. We were all super scared till it crossed, given the snake we saw was highly poisonous. Shankar could finally come toward us. Those five minutes felt like the longest ones ever, and finally we were together as a group again.

View from the rear end of the cabin
On our way uphill

All was well again! The summit did not please us though, since there were not enough view points to look at from the top of the hill, and it was just flat and full of trees around. Honestly I was a little disappointed after that strenuous hike. My previous hike at Humpback Rocks was better and felt like all the efforts paid off when we reached the top and had that one cold egg and cheese bagel. This time, it was not very interesting. We clicked a few pictures and then hiked back down. It took us about 4 hours in total, but was a good start to an awesome trip.

Back from the hike..
Us – The three musketeer couples – on our way back from the hike..

Memorial Day was finally taking shape. We then came back, had some awesome dinner barbecuing all the favorite veggies and meat, and marshmallows! The next day was totally relaxing; we woke up late and the guys went golfing. We girls walked to the nearby lake and sat there relaxing by the shore. It was an amazing view of the sky and the lake from the shore. The guys joined us later, and we had an awesomely cooked lunch, once again a barbecue.

You know! (Keep it light)
Thats the veggie grill platter – mushrooms, tomatoes, red peppers, and pineapples. (A lot of people asked me why pineapples! For those who have not tried marinated grilled pineapples, you are missing something yumm!!!! )

The next day, we golfed and then went to the hot spa at Berkeley Springs, and spent a good half an hour relaxing. Thus was celebrated our Memorial Day this year. The log cabin, the kitchen, the backyard which was actually the mountain, the spa, the local markets, the tall trees, the pitch dark nights, and the daily barbecue all added to an awesome and relaxing trip.

The lonely dandelion

This was something I most needed after a hectic Spring and before the more hectic summer began. The trip was originally planned as a final get together before one of the couples moved to Texas permanently. And it turned out to be a good farewell trip for them.

The huge shady trees

What was your Memorial Day weekend like?


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