Scanning my sketchbook

When you have about a few sketchbooks filled in, it is so much joy to just go back and look and see your journey and growth. I started painting without any prior training or tutorials, so my work has been constantly evolving. I love the idea of maintaining sketchbooks, because it gives me a chance to review how my paintings have grown better from time to time. Today I just happened to skim through a set of paintings from my latest but idle sketchbook. As opposed to journalling, I prefer pen and color and a few sketches. DSC_5780The first of these make the first page of my sketchbook. The second is from yesterday which is just watercolor and ink. I am not entirely happy with the outcome, but I like the colors that make this painting.


The third one is something I tried with salt, to get the sand effect. I am not sure you can see it clearly in the image, but that page was a lot of fun to work with.



The last one is a painting of my alma mater, BITS Pilani – Goa campus, that I painted a few months ago for BITSians Day. I had fun replicated one of my favorite pictures of my undergraduate school in watercolor.

I am learning color theory and contrasting colors while painting. It has been a great journey so far, amidst my busy days. Being done with a semester gives more time in spite of working, than when you have to do both studying and office work. And did I tell you, I got a sampler of the Sennelier watercolors, and I am loving it. This is by far the best of pigments I have tried so far.



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