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Summer is coming…

Its been a month since I posted. Blame all the semester finals, projects and deadlines. I feel relaxed after the most hectic semester ever. The Spring was here and there meanwhile, playing hide and seek, and now its almost summer.

I have been waiting for good weather and no deadline. The second is always impossible, so I manage to get some time here and there. For the most part I had been coding (programming; Shankar interprets ‘coding’ as the medical ‘coding’ – lol – so I made it a point to specify). I am at the office which is unusually quiet. My whole corridor is empty, with all my professors traveling to China and my friends relaxing around. I like it quiet and peaceful. My productivity levels have actually increased, and I can really concentrate. I hope to finish as much web development as possible with all this peace around.

My few relaxation moments here and there have been just going over colorful blogs from my favorite artists, and learning what they have to teach the world. One notable piece of work is by Alisa Burke, one of my favorite artists. She brings out something really exotic with simple tools. And I recently checked out her post on ‘Hand painted wall‘. Black and white doodle on walls – absolutely mind-blowing – with room-length beds. I love the idea of a simple and beautiful wall painting.

clematis_kruthikaAnother interesting read is that of Cathy Johnson. She is a great inspiration for anyone who wants to know, painting can be simple and beautiful. My first few watercolor paintings were in fact inspired from her work. I love the simplicity, and the subtle pen and color technique. Her artwork is a good choice for art journalling, which I have just started to explore.And while this has been my relaxation and learning to do justice to my art love, I did find a few hours to get a couple of paintings done. One of them is a 18×24 inch watercolor painting of a few clematis flowers. It took me about four hours in total, from outlining to hanging it in our living room. I loved the colors I have used, and it brightens up the space. Another is part of my sketchbook work, and it was derived from my sketchbook covers. I am posting pictures of these two paintings here.


Amongst several activities, one another great hobby I seem to like is gardening. I have not been much of a garden person till I got a few plants from Home Depot last week. I am a total newbie to planting, and this has been very satisfying. I love how the tiny seeds begin to grow and bear shoots. Its a wonderful feeling to wake up every morning and go visit those teeny plants, sit with them, water them. I am absolutely loving it. We got just a few plants and seeds to start with, and now that I know how I love it, I will get more of them now.


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