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Spring is here, and so are colors!

So, Spring is here! Finally! It feels wonderful to hear birds chirping again!

The temperatures have been going up and down but it is at least not zero anymore! I have been working harder than ever, keeping pace in all the different activities I am involved in. Study, work, research, meet with friends, have a little fun, cook, etc.

I celebrated Holi with my friends at George Mason University, it felt wonderful. I was drenched in colors after almost 7 years. And I loved dancing and playing around. I also happened to be introduced to two new friends, a couple. Just as we are, they make a lovely addition to the group. Here is a picture from our Holi celebrations. And Shankar’s friend, Ganesh was also with us for that weekend, and he got drenched in colors too! Probably his first Holi in life! Ain’t that fun?!


Oh! I know, thats a funny picture! 😀 And Ganesh was the photographer!

I won the Art and Photography contest that was held at my University as part of the Graduate Education Week. Thats brings more confidence in me! Its always nice to know when people appreciate your art. This week was really hard on me, I had to work till midnight almost every day, and I am glad its weekend. I had to miss a party just to finish up the pending items on my list. And the list is hugeeee…! I miss you free time!

Its been exciting these days to learn something new everyday. Starting from my course, where the subject has been so enlightening, to work, I am learning something new everyday. I never loved it all along, but I am falling for it these days. Being in the US exposes me to a lot more in terms of resources to learn and be motivated to learn. Its not just plain programming or painting anymore! You can always find peers who work in similar areas, interact, and learn.

And yes, you should not miss my new painting in watercolor medium. Took me two days to complete. The first day I was exhausted just filling the sheet in with some background colors. I need bigger paint brushes. It was a 18 x 24 watercolor 300 lb. paper, and it took significant amount of effort to complete it, unlike the smaller ones that I usually make. I loved painting every bit of it. Here is the final painting!

Rural India

Who is watching Game of Thrones tonight? (Sunday, 6th April)..


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