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Miss you, Spring!

What is going on with nature?

Its the end of March and it is snowing. I was so excited when it snowed heavily for the first time this season, because I don’t usually see that much snow in this area. But I am done with handling snow days for the year.

Spring! I miss you! Truly!

It looks like there is going to be no Spring, we are going to head straight into summer. Rains play spoilsport too! Anyway, I have been looking out through the window grabbing every opportunity I can get to go out and enjoy the sun! Meanwhile, work has been rolling. I have been working on the software for my work project, and seems to be taking shape right now. It is always nice to know new languages and develop new applications, but the learning part while on the job is as painful as it can get. I would have just set up my system, only to realize that it has some new error waiting to be resolved. Oh, I am sorry, I am talking about software development. This is really a kind of experience working with a team of to-be-PhDs, knowing how they think and how they work. I have been learning a lot, both good and bad, but in the end, it all helps! Doesn’t it?! πŸ™‚

Also, having no time to paint to sketch, I have planned to invite my friends over for a ‘Paint all you like’ day. It is going to be a lunch / dinner meet up with friends catching up and painting. And yea, for those who love, there is the wine! My hands are getting itchy to paint and I really need to get my hands on painting! I want to try the canvas and acrylic now, given I have two big albums full of watercolor paintings now and only a few of canvas work.

I submitted a few of my paintings to my University’s Art and Photography Contest this week. Lets hope to win. πŸ™‚



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