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Looking back

Awaiting Spring!

Surreal in acrylics

Though I spent a month in India when the polar vortex hit US, I still feel that winter this year is never ending. I so need a break from these sub-zero temperatures right now. For one thing, I was at home last year, so I kept myself cozy. This year, going out every day for work and classes are making the winter crazier than before. Meanwhile, a year has passed by. Looking back at what I did last year made me feel good.

Watercolor doodle
I am no more the ‘all work and no play makes a dull boy’ I used to think I was. Today, I am sitting at my work (not sure if this is work yet 😛 ), and I find time to type this. Thanks to Shankar, for dropping me at work early today. I spoke to my mom for a decent amount of time, and now I am ‘looking back’ at the past year.

My entire 2013 has been recorded in bits and pieces in one place – ‘Instagram’. I joined Instagram around mid 2012, and had not been posting much until I had something exciting to post.

Tulips in a sketchbook

I started with a pencil drawing of a kissing couple and the latest post has been of a flower doodle in watercolor. My passion for painting and art has just taken the right path, and I now know I can really do it. US has amazing stores that help you get from where you were to where you want to be with respect to art. And I just love it.

You can find a few of my favorite art work in this post. For more of it, you can visit my Instagram. These last two are a serious effort to kindle the artist in me after I started work this year. Made me feel good every time I drew/painted something. For me, doing some art work every second day fuels me like to work better. It is what coffee/exercise does to most people. 🙂 I am glad art does the trick for me.

Flower doodle in watercolor0.4 mm black pen doodle





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