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Time is Defenseless..

Last time, I was still having a few reports to submit, and this time I am completely done with my semester. Project report, summary report, powerpoint presentation, youtube demo – all done and submitted. I am free for the next fortnight after which I am going on a holiday – to where? To India! Yeay!

Its been a year since I met with my parents and friends back in India, and so this is going to be a good break and an awesome trip. I am so eagerly waiting for the day, but for the flying part. 24 hours of flying makes me so tired and sick and my legs go numb most of all.

Unlike last time, which was my first long hour air travel, this time I plan to be a little more prepared. I have a few activities planned for my travel. I am carrying my watercolor kit, my sketchbook and my Stephen King novel, and I have my pocket book of ‘The Hobbit’. I think this is going to help me going during the awake-time of my flight travel. Of course, if I am tired of all this, I can always resort to watching a couple of movies from my IPad. Sounds like a plan! Doesn’t it?

And yesterday, besides other work I had to do with respect to my Masters admission, I got an hour to paint. I have always wanted to paint in oils, but there are not many videos freely available on the web that teach you to oil paint. Being a self-learner, I tried my hands on oils to understand how it works. My first oil painting was a half flower on a small canvas.

First oil painting
First oil painting

And here is my painting from yesterday. As for yesterday’s I did not really start out knowing what I was going to paint. I just wanted to paint something that depicted time and its defenseless nature. I wanted to link it with just colors that might end up representing a strong element of nature.

Time and tide wait for none
Time and tide wait for none

This painting is yet to dry completely. It is still shiny and I could not wait to post it. This is painting on a 11 x 14. I kept it small to use just a small space to play with oils and still get something out of it. I hope you like it. Now that my vacation has begun, I plan to post something every time an idea strikes.


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