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Sunset in watercolor..

Tik Tok Tik Tok !

My semester is coming to an end, and I am back to those days when I used to be idle all day long figuring out how best to spend the day. And meanwhile, me and Shankar just celebrated our first Wedding Anniversary. Oh! Did I say ‘celebrate’?

Ahem! It wasn’t really a celebration with me running up and down different campus building, and Shankar picking me up and dropping me just so we can find some together. And we finally ended up having lunch together, and I successfully completed the final presentation for my class project. We got back home around 11 PM.

And Monday was thus gone, with Tuesday all white and snowy and cold and icy.. I really wanted to see some sunshine, and there it was, just before sunset yesterday. A peek of sunshine! Just enough to say it made my day.

The onset of winter is good with a snow. I just started hating those bare trees; they make me feel almost dead. That’s when Shankar told me – they are not dead; they wait till time favors them and bloom back to life. Mean’t so much to me – those words. Nature’s ways!

All this, and finally I get some leisure time, and for leisure and relaxation, I prefer painting than anything else in the world. It has been almost four months since I did any good painting. Today, I found time and inspiration. I loved the hour I spent painting today, and I wish I always get this hour everyday to keep me relaxed.

Here is the painting in two stages.

First Step

Sunset is so pretty anytime anywhere. Isn’t it?

Sunset - Watercolor


I enjoyed painting this piece, every minute of it. Hope you enjoy seeing it, the sunset – it sets only to rise again 🙂

Have a good day!


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