Life is changing \m/

Life is changing at a rapid pace!

Two weeks back, I was calling the Admissions Office asking for admission decision dates. And today, I am sitting in the campus, trying to simulate the Markov models.

A quick shot of how my life is today!


Haa.. From nowhere to here! Classes, assignments, projects, papers are all I think of day and night. I am feeling overwhelmed with the number of things that have deadlines. For nine long months, all I knew was wake up, cook, eat and sleep. And of course, paint! Number of art work I did then is directly proportional to the amount of time I had everyday. Today, I am desperately in want of time to paint.

Is it not a welcome change that I wanted anyway? I know I am yet to settle down and relax with the new schedule I have, but this period is just so fun somehow. I am sharing here, my latest watercolor doodle.

My latest watercolor doodle
My latest watercolor doodle

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