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The Bookmark Obsession!

Books! Books! Books!

Off late, I realized we are spending more time than ever at Barnes and Noble. And once we get them, we start reading it no matter how serious we are about finishing it. I have at least four books in progress now. This means there is a need for bookmarks, and sadly I don’t have more than a couple. In India, when I bought books from Flipkart, I loved those cute little bookmarks they sent with every book and I miss them terribly.

Now my watercolor obsession has gotten bigger with bookmarks being priority. And luckily, bookmarks are smaller and can be done quickly making way for other work as well. I have been doing a lot of washes lately experimenting with colors and now I am cutting them to make bookmarks. Bookmarks can also be doodles, so I just watch a movie and doodle a bookmark. And simple circles and dots can make amazing patterns. Earlier I did a doodle on a gesso’d canvas and now, on a watercolor paper with a sky blue wash.

Handmade Bookmarks:

  • help with bookmarking (primary purpose of course!)
  • a prototype for a bigger piece of artwork
  • getting creative while doing nothing (or maybe while watching TV)
  • experiment with washes and colors

Here is a sample of the bookmarks that I made over the last weekend!

Bookmark obsession
Bookmark obsession

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