Fairs are fun..

The weekend was eventful. I missed out on having fun with watercolors, but I had so much fun with friends and family. It started out as a dull day but soon turned interesting when we decided to pay a visit to the Arlington County Fair. This is my first time at a fair like this in the US. I am not a big fan of all these fun rides put up in these fairs, but I love the colors and excitement and happiness. I guess some live events were also part of the fair, though we didn’t see any at that time.

The fair reminded of those book fairs at my home town in India, once every year for ten days, where there were books, fun rides, food and live events everyday. I love books and I remember visiting each and every book stall (they were around a 200) that participated. My parents and brother used to go crazy accompanying me to the stalls. Memories of the past – I wish for those days once again in my life. Anyway, here is a picture of the entrance of the fair at my home town this year.

Neyveli Book Fair 2013
Neyveli Book Fair 2013

At any fair, every time I see one of these rides, my heart just wants to hop on and face the fears, but my mind quickly rejects the idea. Shankar makes a perfect match to me in this case, because he is not a ride-lover either. But he makes a good photographer capturing lights in all their beauty. I was drinking in the beauty of colors, while Shankar was busy making those memories permanent.  Needless to say, fair food makes even the worst food taste good because of the need to eat and drink after the rides and walking around.

Arlington County Fair
Arlington County Fair

This is probably the first time in Arlington that I am seeing so many people at one place. And kids and teens were just bubbling with enthusiasm catching up with their friends and flying on these rides. Shankar clicked pictures with all his energy and I kept clicking him clicking photographs. Here are a few snaps from the fair.

What is not to like here – the colors, the night lights, the fun, the people, the energy!!

The colorful train ride for kids
The colorful train ride for kids

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