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Books and Flowers

Its amazing how you always find a treasure when you look into your old stuff. This time it was my hard disk. I was searching through the hard disk for some documents when I happened to notice the bunch of wallpapers I used for my previous Macbook. And that set used to be my favorite.


The wallpaper - books and flowers
The wallpaper – books and flowers

Books and flowers were one of those. I love the idea of juxtaposing books and flowers. And this wallpaper has the gentleness to it. I immediately wanted to paint it and watercolors is my choice for a quick and expressive sketch. The loose form of watercolor makes you just bring out the picture you want with a fresh outlook.

Here is the aquatone painting of the wallpaper. I loved how the painting turned out, just capturing the idea from the wallpaper. I painted this on a 10 x 15 inch cold press 140lb. watercolor paper using Academy Watercolors from Grumbacher.

Books and flowers watercolor painting © 2013






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