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A break and a dawn..

Oops~ It is 10 am already! Time to go to work! Having slept only for 5 hours, it is tiring even to think of waking up. But you got to work, right?! After all, that is what gives you your daily bread..

I have long wondered how it would be like to have some good amount of time for yourself, away from the busy work life. It remained hazy in my thoughts all the time, but I never really got that ‘time’.. Weekends would just be for relaxing, and hanging out with people.

My wedding to Shankar seems to have suddenly added a ‘nx24’ hours of continuous free time to my life away from the hectic work schedule. And I, instead of taking advantage of it, detested it for a full two months. Though I miss working full time, I realized that this time will not stay forever.

And then. boom! I got to make use of this time for my favorite hobby, ‘painting’. I started off with a canvas, as small as 2×4 inches and acrylic, and constantly worked on my hobby as if I worship it. And, soon I came to fall in love with colors. You know, when you start loving colors and painting, you are at the perfect joint to relax when you are stressed out.

For me, I could keep pace with my everyday work at home, and prepare for a few exams, as well as give time to my hobby. Life has become colorful again! Not to forget the wedding itself! 🙂
Ask me, and I would say, it is sometimes good to take a break from work, and spend some ‘me’ time.. Totally worth it!

Here is my instagram account link, where I post pictures of all the paintings that I do.


Watercolor pencil flower


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