Niran, you are fondly remembered!

This post is in loving memory of Niranjan Kadel, a friend lost in a car accident on June 9, 2012.

Niranjan Kadel.. Or Niran! or Kadel.. Its not about the name but about the person himself! A vibrant and highly motivated personality, he is sure to make an impression in the hearts of people with just a few conversations. It was June 28, 2008 when Niranjan and a hundred people and me joined Logica as fresh-out-of-college employees. He impressed the HR Head on the very same day, having come from Nepal down south to Tamil Nadu, India to start his career.

I remember the endless lunch conversations that I shared with Niranjan, Narayan, and Kalpana, or rather, arguments about something that we watch during lunch on TV that day, which lasted more than an hour till we control it and get back to work.

For him, life was fun and simple, and all he wanted was to have fun. But he also knew what he had to do with his life. He had a clear picture of his needs for life. We prepared for GMAT together, and those days were awesome fun, correcting mistakes in our conversations GMAT-ically every now and then. I loved those days when he used to come to our place, and start playing the guitar and then start discussing about GMAT again, cheering us up instantly. As for me, he motivated me to stay focused, enjoy life, eat healthy, and stay fit. He was the perfect example I knew for staying fit, being regular, not getting your life intertwined with the endless internet, work while you work, play while you play, and the list goes on. It is in his nature to change people’s bad mood and lighten their hearts.

Niranjan is an amazing orator, who became famous at Logica, because of his stint as being the master of ceremonies for the employee events at Logica and Toastmasters Club. His motivational speeches have been successful in pulling in many more Logibods into Toastmasters and have helped them grow as better orators. Niranjan was a cool guitarist, singer, amazing master of ceremonies, an influential and a motivating toastmaster. I am sure he made an impression in every life that he touched.

I should not forget to mention, Balre and Nithin here, whose lives were lost in the same fateful accident, who are very close to the person he was.

Niranjan, this post is dedicated to you on this fateful day, when God felt – ‘Niran can make a good dost to me’, and took him from earth. Niran, we all sure know you are lighting up the place, wherever you belong now. I remember the smile you put up on your face all the time, and I miss you.

You will always remain in our hearts and our lives. I am still searching and may never find a better friend to replace what you were. So much has happened in a year, but you will never be forgotten. You are fondly remembered! Rest in peace, dear Niran!



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