…from India to US…

Mom was unable to come to terms with the whole scene that was unwinding in front of her. But you know, that is how things are. Inside the airport I was struggling to move that trolley with the two big bags. A sense of chill went through my veins. My whole life was flashing back that moment. Like I said in my previous post, I felt again ‘OMG! I am not single anymore!’.

I have left behind my entire life until then, packed my bags and am ready to start a fresh new life. A blank book with just a few pages on marriage filled in. Scary! The last four years, I had been struggling to see who I really am at my profession, and finally I realize and oh! I had to quit my job! That felt so hurtful just at the moment when things at work seemed to take a better shape. But you know, people always say, ‘everything happens for good’. No friends, no relatives, all I have in the new place is just my husband. Ahh! I can handle it, said my voice. I just had my last cup of Maggi noodles at the airport before I was on the plane.

The journey: it gives me the most boring feeling ever. My husband hated it as much as I did. We endured the 11 hour long flight.. Sorry, it was 12 hours long. We had watched two average movies and felt it even worse on that teeny tiny monitor. Tried sleeping, but not for long. And when we landed, guess what happened!!!

We missed the connecting flight, as we reached more than two hours late. Now, rush, find out when the next flight to airport closest to our destination is. I was already tired of the journey and now we had to be stuck at the airport for another 5 hours. But you know, we are the newly weds and we liked having our own sweet time and relax. Five hours at the Heathrow Airport, and the following 7 hour flight to what I now call ‘home sweet home’. He second leg was pretty quick with 5 hours of sleep for both of us. I was dizzy and almost freezing, given my life at Tamil Nadu, India previously.

We landed. His friends (now mine too), picked us up from the airport, and we reached home around 9 30 pm. And guess what! The key was jammed to the door and we, ah! Shankar had a tough time ‘unjamming’ it.

Cool.. I was lying down there lazily in the couch. Ah! Heavens it felt!

But, it is an awesomely pleasant change, as I realize it, after a couple of months here. How they say – you need to take a break from work and try to do things that the things that you always wanted to do. Being at home can eat your mind s much if you don’t plan your day. And I don’t plan it anyway. All I do is keep myself engaged with some activity.


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